Closet Talk with Candy - The Scale is  Liar

At Beyond Her Measure, Jen and I continually encourage women to know their value and not feel defined by their appearance, but rather be defined by who you are and Whose you are.  Once we understand that God is as substantial as He actually is, His word (The Bible) becomes truth. God means what He says and He is not a liar, so if He says we are beautiful, it must be so.  Now, trusting in the word of God does not stop at “you are beautiful”, it goes on to call us overcomers, strong, courageous, brave and full of ability. Faithfully, I believe the word of God in my life despite what a situation may present itself as, but occasionally each of us are, our own worst enemy.  I found myself in this situation only a couple of days ago and devastation attempted to conquer my faith.

For those who are not aware, I have been on Keto now since October 30, 2018, and I had anticipated standing on the scale to confirm my Keto success for the first time.  During the beginning of my Keto Journey I did not have a scale, so I waited for one to arrive in the mail. About 5 weeks into the journey the scale arrived. I anxiously stood on the scale only to be incredibly disappointed; the scale did not reveal I lost any weight.  In fact, I was heavier than I originally thought when I started “Keto”. Needless to say, I was disappointed and overwhelmed by thoughts that I was not going to be successful at losing weight.

After a day and a half of pep talking myself, I decided that the number I saw on the scale was just going to be a starting place and I would accept the realization I was worse off than I initially thought.  It was necessary to keep myself motivated strictly based on how I felt not what I saw on the scale. Furthermore, I also took the chance to encourage myself that my clothes were fitting better and above all, I had been feeling wonderful.  Finally, I had the energy to keep up with my toddler boys, who are extremely active, and I was completing chores that had been on my “to do” list for months. Before starting Keto, I could never stay awake long enough after coming home from work to accomplish anything.  Even writing this blog is a direct beneficial effect of my Keto life. Prior to Keto I would have fallen asleep after writing the first line.

A few days later, I was talking with my roommate who is also on the “Keto” journey and discovered she and I experienced the same thing when the scale arrived days before.  She started sharing some encouraging words that she read in a Keto support newsletter earlier that day. The newsletter was remarkably informative and touched base on the precise thing we were experiencing; the false hope of the scale.  The greatest piece of information I took from our conversation was that the scale is not going to be a determining factor of whether I continue on this journey.  The scale was not going to depict how excited I was or take away from the joy of the success I know I had already accomplished.

Fact is, although weight loss is a goal, it is a goal within a goal.  Greater than wanting to lose weight I want to be healthy and live a long life.  The proof of losing weight is not the only evidence that proves my weight loss goals are becoming reality.  Healthy food choice moments have turned into healthy food choice days, weeks and now months. Although the scale does not show my total progress, my body is feeling better, stronger, more alive than the past 3 years of my life.  That is something to celebrate.

“The Scale Is a Liar”, ladies.  Five different ladies could be positioned in a row, each of them weighing the same and each of them will appear different; diverse body shapes, height, eye color, hair color, skin complexion, and even different health.  Our weight does not define us. Our determination and ability to love ourselves and others around us, that, defines us. We should not take for granted the days when we feel amazing, numbers on should not defeat moments of success.  There should be nothing in this life that has so much control over us that it would cause us to not celebrate even the smallest milestones on such a great journey as achieving our health goals.

Let's keep on keeping on!

God Bless!



Date 1/28/2019

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