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Grab Bags - 2 Item or 4 Item ***FREE SHIPPING

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Grab Bag

2 items for $35
4 items for $55

***Free Shipping

Please refer to the drop down for what is available and the price (shipping is included).

Join in our Facebook Group Beyond Her Measure Regular and Plus Size Clothing to shop before anyone else.  These are popular and sell out quickly, it is a great way to try us out or add to your closet at a great price!

Bags may contain other seasons.  They may make a great outfit! We try to do coordinating styles/colors/outfits.

Sizing is XS, S, M, L, XL and bottoms match the top size (for example - bottoms may be S/M or OS to match Small tops). 

How to size:

2-4 order XSmall
4 -6 order Small
6-8 order Medium
10-12 order L
14/16 order XL

The tag may not match the size you've selected but please know that the item itself measure according to the size you selected.
All sales are final, no exchanges, no exceptions.
There are NO discount codes or discounts on this item.