Beyond Her Measure

We are Candy Hicks and Jennifer Williams, sisters and owners of Beyond Her Measure, L.P. We founded Beyond Her Measure in hopes to reach women, and help them recognize that their worth and value are not defined by their size. We truly believe every woman is fearfully and wonderfully made; uniquely designed by the Creator, who makes no mistakes. Beyond Her Measure promotes products that women can make their own, expressing their personality, and empowering them to be comfortable in the body God designed whether that is a size 0 or size 36.  Our vision is to be a source of encouragement for ladies as they develop confidence in the ability to measure true beauty.  We value modesty, honesty, and individuality; and are dedicated to assisting you find clothing that fits your budget, personality, and style. In conclusion, Beyond Her Measure caters to external beauty while ministering to the heart.

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